Why Education

Why Technology?

Start where you find your heart.  All else will fall into place.

We fell in love with Peru and more specifically the children of Peru.  A promise was made that we would return and when we did, we would provide an opportunity for change for the children living in marginalized communities.  Our first Project honors the promise we made, and as we work to achieve our 2021 goal, we won't stop in Peru.

Education is the lifeblood of human growth.  If we are not learning we are not living.  Unfortunately in many parts of the world, children do not have access to the tools that will allow them to learn.  There is an equity divide in technology and opportunity and more importantly in learning.  That is why Living Heart's mission is to ensure that we can work with our donors and partners to bring equitable access to the learning tools that children need.  Our starting point is where our heart is found, in Peru, however we have also recognized that there are communities in Canada that face similar difficulties.  As such we aim to provide and work with First Nations Communities in Canada while continuing our work with our team in Peru, to address the issue of digital inequality.

Providing Children with technology and educational opportunities, including lending libraries can provide a starting point to provide equity for all children to learn.

250 Million

School Children Throughout The World Cannot Read.

Why do so many children not know how to read?  Literacy is a fundamental right, and higher literacy is associated with healthier populations, less crime, greater economic growth, and higher employment rates.  Books and learning tools are desperately needed.  Because literacy and libraries build understanding, knowledge and community.  So our goal is to build libraries for marginalized communities, that are displaced and that are in desperate need of education for their children, who will one day build their community.