Our main goal is to provide simple necessities such as a meal, and emotional support, in the way of interaction with individuals who live on the margins of society.  Whether we are working to feed the homeless in cities across Canada, or working toward our Peruvian project, our goal remains the same.  To help humanity for humanity's sake.


Living Heart's main objective is to offer assistence to those who are marginalized in society both domestically and abroad.  We have several projects that are our main focus both in Canada, and internationally.

Feeding the Homeless

Across Canada, and around the world, homelessness is an epidemic.  Our goal is provide meals to the homeless both in Canada and internationally.

Peruvian Connection

Bringing help to those most vulnerable in the displaced communities of Peru.  Ensuring that the children living in extreme poverty have food and education, along with simple medical aid.

Emotional Support

Spending time, talking to the homeless, or those marginalized by society is extremely important.  Everyone has a story.  We want to listen.

Lending Library

Education is essential and one of our main goals is to achieve the development of a lending library for the communities in Peru who are in desperate need of education, and literacy.

Basic Needs for Survival

The homeless are in need of basic necessities.  It could be socks, or medical attention.  Our goal is to listen and to assist those in need with their basic needs.

Being a Better Human.

Our main goal is to become better humans, but helping other humans.  Wherever that takes us, our goals are simple;  to listen and observe the individuals and to try and ease their discomforts, as best we can.



Every donation made will support our efforts to bring the human back to "humanity".  Have a Heart


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