Students Typing at Their Computers


Why Technology?

It is better to prevent  than to cure.

- Peruvian Proverb


How wonderful it would be to prevent poverty.  Like the Peruvian Proverb, there would be no need for a cure.  Living Heart believes that in order to prevent future generations from the cycle of poverty, we must help in educating the children.

Project  Technology


Provide both the Children of Peru and the Canadian First Nations children (or any child who does not have a computer or electronic device) with learning materials such as Laptops, smartphones, and other learning devices and materials


Develop a Lending Library for the children living in the highland communities of Peru, while simultaneously providing the same to First Nations Communities in Canada


Develop Educational Initiatives for these displaced communities with our team on the ground in Cusco, as well as develop the same initiatives for First Nations Communities in Canada

Top Priorities

In Canada, Living Heart has partnered and is  Working with SellDevice, where you can now donate your old technology to support the children living in First Nations Communities across Canada to provide much needed technology.  Additionally we will provide technology for any child who does not have access or the means to a computer or digital learning device.  Our goal is to bridge the gap in the Digital Divide around the world, starting within our own backyards.  We also have a symbiotic program for a community we have identified in Peru.

Having traveled to Peru, Living Heart has already connected with a team on the ground in Cusco Peru.  Our team is ready to assist us in working with the locals to deploy and open up our very first Lending Library.  In addition, Living Heart's 2021 Goal is to provide the children of Peru with technology they would otherwise not be able to access, such as iPhones, Tablets, and Laptop Computers.  To accomplish this in Peru, we are raising funds to acquire these tools from within Peru, which our team will distribute to the most needy.




Our goal is to ensure that as the rise of technology increases, children living in marginalized communities here in Canada as well as the highlands of Peru are not left behind.  Technology inequality is a critical issue that many children are facing especially and in light of Covid-19 and the rise of virtual learning.  Support our cause to ensure that all children have equality to the tools needed for learning.

Phone Cases Designed by the Children of Living Heart Peru

In partnership with IllusionPhotograph, we offer unique, and colorful phone cases, each one designed from original drawings of the children of Peru.  Every phone case purchased donates $5.00 back to support initiatives of Living Heart.