Project Learn

Education for All.

Project Learn is our primary goal.  Our aim is to use 90% or more of all funds donated to acquire educational materials for children living in the highlands of Peru.  Currently there are over 500 children living in poverty in these extremely rural and difficult to reach communities.  Access to the basics are difficult and many children do not have the proper footwear, pens, pencils, notebooks, coloring books, reading materials, or for that matter, the proper nutrition or hygiene needs.  Living Heart works with our team on the ground in Peru, who support our efforts by getting the products we acquire to the communities in need.  A breakdown of our latest donation to the children include:

  1. 144 Tubes of Toothpaste

  2. 72 Writing Notebooks

  3. 240 Ink Pens

  4. 144 Individually Wrapped Toothbrushes

  5. 100 Individually wrapped Soap Bars


Order Summary

Item(s) Subtotal:  USD 260.48

Shipping & Handling:  USD 331.13

Total before tax:  USD 591.61

Estimated tax to be collected:  USD 0.00

Import Fees Deposit:  USD 162.27

Grand Total:  USD 753.88

Payment Grand Total:

CAD 975.32

That means that a one time donation of $20.00 would support up to 3 children.  A $50.00 donation would support up to 6 and a $100.00 donation would support up to 10 children with basic hygiene and educational tools.

Our goal is to use up to 90% Off donations (or more) to support these communities.  The remaining 10% will offset costs such as shipping, internet, and hosting costs associated with our online presence.  All of the work we do to facilitate is voluntarily done.