• Beatrice Pitocco

We are a Children's Charity

Many people ask what kind of charity are you? It is very simple, Living Heart is a Children's Charity. Since I started thinking about this charity it became clear to me, that children are the only future we can depend upon. And it is apparent that many children around the world (including some in our own back yards) are having a life experience that does not match with the year 2021. Not having access to education or proper nutrition makes no sense. Being a causality of war, or becoming indoctrinated into ways of thinking that promote war due to a lack of education is incomprehensible. Why do so many children suffer? Why do we have so much inequality in the world. It is not an easy answer, but there is one truth that can not be ignored. If humanity collectively and consistently made it one of their goals to help someone else, I believe progress can be made.

That has always been the basis of Living Heart. We've always stated that if all of this time and effort helps even one person, that could make a world of difference. It is important that we, who live in first world countries, recognize that not everyone in the world, including some here in Canada, are afforded the luxury of a fairly democratic society. A place where food and clean water are not difficult to come by. Where programs and education can be found if you look hard enough.

And it is my unwavering belief that the only way for us to help others, is to give them a chance to help themselves. That is why we are a Children's Charity focused on providing education, and basic nutritional support.

By providing children an opportunity to learn, and to educate their minds, there is a chance that they can break free from the confines of repeating patterns that is so often the destruction of many generations. Please help us to help the children of Peru. Our goal has always been to expand to children everywhere but before we can do that we must provide the excellence and attention to where we started - our kids in Peru.

Won't you help us today?

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