• Beatrice Pitocco

Tax Receipt for Donations

It is that time of year again when we are all in the giving spirit. The holidays always promote the idea that as human beings we owe it to each other to make a difference. There are also implications for taxes, and donating to a charity will provide a tax receipt for donations. As a registered charitable organization in Canada, Living Heart has a goal to continue supporting education initiatives, starting in Peru.

As a children charity, our goal is to continue to manage and support the educational team on the ground in Peru. It currently takes approximately $880 Canadian Dollars per month to keep the school in Peru going. That is not a big ask, and if you are asking yourself "How can I make a difference?", well here is your answers.

I've had the pleasure of meeting with the children in Peru several times, and each time they endear me more and more. Their playfulness, their sheer joy in receiving even the slightest bit of attention, or some of the most mundane gifts (like a toothbrush or toothpaste). It's incomprehensible that so little could mean so much. We understand there are so many worthwhile organizations, but if you are wondering what percentage of donations go to charity in Canada, our goal is to try to get as close as we can to 100% of all money raised going back to educational initiatives in Peru and beyond.

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