• Beatrice Pitocco

Peru Children's Charity

Living Heart is a charity for children, in fact we are a Peru Children's Charity. Our journey began when visiting Peru for the first time in 2017. We were lucky enough to visit several wonderful communities high above the Sacred Valley near Cusco. There we found extremely remote communities struggling with the day to day necessities that we often take for granted. And amongst the community members, were children who lacked some of the most basic needs, including proper foot wear.

Many of these children lacked the proper education, structure and support needed for them to better themselves.

Upon returning to Canada, we went through the process of starting Living Heart, a Canadian Registered Charity that continues to support the children of Peru. There is a team on the ground in Peru that visits the children and keep the children accountable to going to school and making sure that the children are eating proper meals and have the needed health necessities such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, books, pens and pencils.

These children live in some of the remote parts of Peru, where the weather and location make it very difficult for their families to leave the community for work. Many community members suffer from alcohol or drugs, and many children are malnourished and don't attend school regularly. With our support we are able to keep the kids in school, and to ensure that they have the proper nutrition to ensure that they are ready to learn.

Additionally in future, we hope to bring in medical specialists, such as dentists and doctors to make sure that the children's health is being addressed.

We need support, and you can help. A small donation will help us to continue supporting the children of Peru, and our Peru Children's Charity. Donate to Living Heart today.

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