• Beatrice Pitocco

Living Heart, bringing literacy and digital equity to the minds and hearts of children

Living Heart started as a passion project. Our goal has always been to support the children of Peru. After traveling to Peru in 2017, Founder Beatrice Pitocco, made a promise that she would do something great for the children living in displaced and marginalized communities, high above the Sacred Valley. The children need support, financially, and from an educational standpoint as well.

That is when Living Heart was born. The idea has always been to support literacy and now digital equity to children all over the world, starting in Peru. Why? Because education is likely the only cure to eradicate poverty. Without education, communities are bound to repeat the patterns of their predecessor's and change is unlikely. But when children are provided and encouraged to read, to write, to think and to learn the opportunity for change blossoms.

With regards to digital equity, we all know that being illiterate to the vastly changing dynamics of technology will put people, children and communities at risk of falling behind. In addition, the pandemic has forced digital learning to become a staple, in the lives of many. But how can children learn without access to technology? This is where Living Heart comes. To learn more about our project in Peru, click here. And please help us with your support!

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