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Are you independent, skilled, mature, compassionate and dedicated? Living Heart Peru is looking for enthusiastic dedicated volunteers!

We offer a unique opportunity for unique volunteers. We don’t believe in fitting our projects round our volunteers. We believe in recruiting experienced, skilled volunteers to help achieve our goals, expand our expertise and energize our projects.

We only receive volunteers based on the demands of our projects and communities and subject to their specific skills. We ask volunteers to attend an interview to make sure they fit with our aims, ethos, needs and current activities. ​Interested? Scroll down to see how to apply.

Why is our Volunteering Unique?
Many of our communities are extremely remote, high up in the mountains and mostly Quechua-speaking. Our volunteers therefore have to be highly independent and self-motivated – prepared for a challenge. We will provide orientation, but we do not have the resources to accompany our volunteers on a daily basis.

We do not believe in charging volunteers for sharing their valuable skills with us. We do believe in commitment. We believe in helping our volunteers to find suitable accommodation, places to eat or buy food from and giving guidance on local transport costs, times and services. We also believe in providing guidance for our volunteers upon arrival at the start date and throughout their experience with us. Volunteers are responsible for paying their own living costs (accommodation, food and transport) plus any materials that may be required to fulfill the volunteering experience. For further details, scroll down to read our Terms & Conditions.

How Can You Help?
If you have expertise and/or training in engineering, medicine, dentistry, organic greenhouses, permaculture, sustainable high-mountain agriculture, husbandry, ecological constructions, energy-efficient buildings, marketing, social media, fundraising or I.T. we would be interested in hearing from you.

We expect our volunteers to be organized, self-sufficient and have at least intermediate conversational Spanish.  All volunteer positions require a minimum commitment of 3 months (for shorter, specialized commitments, please contact us).

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