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Young people who spend time homeless in Canada on any given night.


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The number of children are at risk of poverty, conflict and discrimination against girls, according to a report by Save the Children.


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Boxing is a sport that is often overlooked as one of the most challenging and most psychologically beneficial for children.  There are some controversies that may elude to the fact that it is a dangerous sport for children, but which sport is truly safe?  The benefits that boxing can have on displaced or disadvantaged children far exceed the concerns.  Our goal is to support young people across Canada, the US and around the world who are facing extreme challenges and introduce them to the sport. Here are some reasons why Living Heart wants to help children through the Art of Boxing:

  • Boxing builds confidence

Children who are facing difficult life situations, whether it be homelessness, poverty, neglect or abuse in any form, are often lacking in self awareness and more importantly self confidence.  The rigorous training that comes from boxing allows these children to engage in a sport that will help them to get better, and improve.  Their confidence will also adjust as they enhance their physical well being.  Mentally, boxing offers a form of stress release that gives children an outlet to eliminate poverty thinking through physical activity.

  • Life Lessons

There are immeasurable life lessons that boxing can teach.  In short, boxing teaches the children how to protect themselves, how to keep moving, how to focus and be in the moment, how to appreciate an opponent, and most importantly how to fight their biggest enemy - their own mind/feelings.  Boxing allows for an outlet to release negative emotions, and will build a child's inner confidence, which in turn will build their outer awareness and ultimately help them to 'think' differently about any situation that their life will face.

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Living Heart is a non-profit organization that hopes encourage children & youth that are marginalized by offering opportunities to learn the Art of Boxing.  Our primary goal is to give back; Giving back dignity, a future, self-sufficiency and pride.  And doing it with Heart.

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