Lets Change Everything.

Children deserve an education.  We believe that education and literacy are the keys to unlocking the potential of displaced children, and communities.  We want to change everything and we need your help.  Help us build libraries, promote education, and provide necessities to learning and thriving in this new world.

Education & Literacy for all children.

First Project


Education is so important.  Living Heart's goal is to provide community libraries and education for children and communities in need.

Poverty in 2021 should not exist and yet it does.  There are many roots to underlying cause of poverty, however education and literacy are still one of the strongest factors in determining poverty.  Education is the great equalizer - we know that most people living in poverty may keep their children out of school.  Children living in poverty will not have access to technology or reading materials to help them escape their own circumstance.  Learning to read, becoming educated, is the cornerstone of ending the cycle of poverty.  Our goal is to ensure that displaced communities have libraries, and have the opportunity of learning.  Education, we know, reduces income inequality, improves economic growth, and provides children the opportunity of becoming a thriving member of their community.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

- Malcolm X


Our Focus


Our primary focus is to develop and build lending libraries in displaced communities.  Our first project is in the highlands of Peru.  Working with our team on the ground in Peru, our goal is to have a fully stocked library for the communities of people living in the highlands of Peru.  Stacked with educational books in both the Quechua and Spanish Languages.  Your donations will help us to achieve this in 2021.

Health & Nutrition

In order for children to learn properly, it is important to acknowledge the importance of health and nutrition.  A part of our goal at Living Heart, is to make sure that the communities we enter, have adequate and nutritious meals.  In addition, with each lending library project, we hope to facilitate and sponsor medical professionals for health days in the region.  Providing wellness checks, is an important factor to proper education.